Knauf Earthwool is a multi-purpose, flexible, non-combustible, glass mineral wool roll, and is specifically designed for installation by friction fitting.

The insulation industry works parallel to the design and architecture of the urban world. Its importance can be gauged with the increasing rate of urbanization and the need for perfect insulation systems. Knauf insulation is the one brand which has made a mark in the market and insulation industry. It represents the fastest growing and most respected name in the insulation manufacturing world. It offers the expertise and confidence of over 30 years. 

Knauf is dedicated to manufacturing the most efficient and technically best insulation systems one can come across. It is committed to fulfilling the needs and demands for energy efficiency for new and existing homes. They also serve their purpose perfectly in the construction of non-residential buildings and industrial applications.
It has a steady and impeccable financial performance with a turnover of €1.6 billion.

It majorly produces dry wall construction and gypsum plasters, insulation materials, injection molding and molded parts. It is a producer of conventional gypsum material and complete solution for buildings worldwide. The products include various sought after insulation systems such as Aquapanel, Knauf Diamant, Knauf Safeboard, Knauf Diaboard, Guardex and Knauf Silent board.

Belief:  We believe that sustainability is a great opportunity. Each and every construction involving Knauf products are earth-quake resistant. The durability of the products are as much as the life of the building itself. The manufacturing of these products ensure that they are completely environmental-friendly and do not involve the usage of formaldehyde, CFCs or HCFCs. The products are marked with the necessary standard and quality compliances and are checked for perfection and safety. The products come with a guarantee of quality and perfect deliverance which has earned us millions of customers world-wide.

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