Estimated Delivery Time On Products

Below is a breakdown on our estimated delivery times on a various range of products that we sell throughout our website. These times are accurate to the best of our ability but do not take into account changes to orders after they have been placed, special orders, act of god or any other elements outside of our control.

All delivery eta's are on the assumption that the delivery location is mainland UK only and within a 50 mile radius of our warehouses. We have over 200 locations to ship from across the UK. Some remote locations in Scotland and Wales can be difficult to service due to their remote locations so it's best to contact us before ordering if delivery is required to these areas or if you feel there are restrictions with access in your area.

In most cases we can service these locations but there may be an additional delivery charge to cover our additional shipping costs to deliver to these locations. As always the customer will be notified in advance of any additional charges and asked if they are happy to proceed.

As soon as an order has been scheduled for delivery you will be notified with a delivery date via email during the coming business days, this email is generally sent out approximately 12 - 36 hours after placing your order excluding weekends.

For items that have a longer lead time than 2 - 4 working days your delivery date notification email may take longer than 12 to 36 hours. Orders are processed for delivery Monday to Friday only between 8.30am and 5.00pm excluding bank holidays.


If you wish to check the delivery time of your order on the day of delivery please email and please provide your order number. One of our dispatch team will then give you an eta by email where possible as to when you can expect delivery. Please note this is just an eta only and is not an exact time of delivery as delays can occur from when an order leaves our warehouse to when it arrives with the customer. Insulation4less will try to be as accurate as possible with given eta's.

PIR INSULATION NOTICE: Please PIR insulation may take longer to deliver than our standard lead times. The estimated lead time on most PIR brands is 1 - 2 weeks but Kingspans Kooltherm and Therma range is 2 - 4 weeks. Please take this in to consideration when ordering. In some cases deliveries can be made under the standard lead time and we aim to inform customers of delivery times within 48 hours of ordering during usual business hours. Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Floor Insulation
2 - 4 Days 3 - 5 Days 5 - 7 Days 7 - 10 Days
Celotex TB4000, GA4000, XR4000 (except for XR4200)   Celotex XR4200, FI 5000, FR5000   
      Knauf OmniFit
Recticel Eurothane GP      
Ecotherm Eco-versal   Ecotherm Pro-Versal  Ecotherm UFH
Fibran     BASF Styrodur 
EPS    Aerogel  
 Kingspan TF70      Kingspan K3, Optim-R, 
      Xtratherm Thin-R, Safe-R 
      Sytozone N300R, H350R 
















Cavity Wall Insulation

2 - 4 Days 3 - 5 Days 5 - 7 Days 7 - 10 Days
Celotex CW4000 (except for CW4060 & CW4075)   Celotex CW4060, CW4075, CG5000, CF5000   
Quinntherm Cavity      
      Recticel Eurothane Cavitywall 
      Ecotherm Eco Cavity  
      Isover CWS Cavity Batt 
      Rockwool Cavity Batt, RW3, RW5  
Knauf Dritherm 37, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm. Dritherm 32 100mm.     Knauf Dritherm 37, 65mm, 85mm, 125mm. Dritherm 32, 75mm, 85mm, 125mm 
      Xtratherm CT Cavity, Thin-R Cavity
 Kingspan TW50     Kingspan K108, K12
Cavity Closers       
    Ballytherm Cavity  



Wall Insulation

2 - 4 Days 3 - 5 Days 5 - 7 Days 7 - 10 Days
Celotex TB4000, GA4000, XR4000*, PL4000 (except for XR4200 & PL4015)  

 Celotex XR4200, FR5000, RS5000, GD5000, PL4015

Gyproc Thermal       
Recticel Eurothane GP, Recticel Eurothane PL      
    Ecotherm Eco-versal, Pro-Versal  Ecotherm UFH
Fibran     BASF Styrodur 
EPS      Kingspan K12, K15, K17, K18, Styrozone N300R, H350R, Optim-R 
Kingspan TW55       
      Knauf OmniFit, Frametherm, Flexi Slab
      Xtratherm Thin-R, Safe-R 
  Rockwool Flexi-Slab*   Rockwool Flexi-Slab 60mm, 70mm, 140mm (1200 x 400), 100mm (1200 x 400), 50mm (1200 x 400)  



Roof Insulation

2 - 4 Days 3 - 5 Days 5 - 7 Days 7 - 10 Days
Celotex TB4000, GA4000, XR4000 (except for XR4200)    Celotex XR4200, RS5000, FR5000  
Quinntherm  Quinntherm PIR Plywood Laminate    
      BASF Styrodur 
Recticel Eurothane GP     Recticel Powerdeck, Eurodeck, Plylok
 Ecotherm Eco-Versal    Ecotherm Pro-Versal Ecotherm Eco Deck, Eco Felt, Eco Torch.
 Kingspan TP10   Kingspan TR26, TR27 Kingspan K7, K7 Plus, K10, K15, Styrozone N300R, H350R, Optim-R
EPS    Aerogel   
       Knauf OmniFit, Frametherm, Flexi Slab
      Xtratherm Thin-R, Safe-R 
   Rockwool Flexi-Slab (except for any item listed in a pallet quantity)   Rockwool Flexi-Slab, all items listed in pallet quantities.







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