Efficient and durable Recticel Wall Insulation Sheets from Insulation
A good insulation system is essential for your housing system and dream construction projects. It is important that a good, durable and efficient thermal system be installed which can be reliable and trusted. The Recticel Wall Insulation Sheets provides great insulation for your pitched floors, roofs and framed walls as well. It can be used between the studs or as an insulated sheathing too. This rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core is multi-layered with low emissivity foils which are doubly-faced.

Impeccable performance:
The Recticel Wall Insulation Sheets is one such range of products which are largely used for floor insulation. These boards possess a low thermal conductivity. These are closed cells that are free of Cfcs and HCFCs.

Environmental friendly:
These products are manufactured from polyisocyanurate (PIR) which employs a blowing agent which emanates zero ozone depletion potential and minimal global warming potential. Hence, its characteristic eco-friendly feature delivers perfect functionality. It hugely helps in reducing unnecessary and excessive usage of resources and energy. These are structured to remove thermal bridges which impart impeccable performance.

Overall, this is a perfect product which ensures that it delivers perfectly and provides the best possible thermal insulation to all constructive and building units.

Key Features:
  • It provides with space saving thinner insulation panels
  • The range of insulants are provided with Top quality certifications
  • It is provided with timeless durability
  • These are sturdy and hard, i.e. they do not compress or fold
  • The products are moisture proof
  • They are easy to use
  • It provides various solutions for specific needs
  • The products are completely fire resistant
  • The Compressive strength of most products in this range exceeds 140 kPa at yield
  • Generalized Water vapor resistivity of the products is -100 MN.s/g

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