• PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, all Rockwool orders will take an estimated 4 - 5 weeks to deliver.
  • Counting from simple DIY projects extending to large industrial ones and exclusive architectural designs, the series of Rockwool insulation materials is the perfect choice in each and every sphere of building insulation systems. It is an extensive range of rolls and compression resistant roofing boards and bonded panels with a large selection of specialized materials.

    Rockwool Insulation Material from
    The Rockwool insulation products are constructed out of stone wool- which is a combination of naturally found volcanic diabase rock. The special properties that comprise the texture of the insulants ensure that it provides protection against fire, noise and provides ultimate durability with no adverse effect on the environment. In short, this is a multi-advantageous product.

    We manufacture products which do not catch fire and hence keep you safe from any mishaps which might have a possibility of occurrence. The excellent acoustics of the Rockwool come with unique properties which help in reducing the noise effect.

    Durability and Structure Details:
    Rockwool insulants come with a perfect durability and a guarantee to last long. It is durable enough to last as long as your building does.
    Also, it is made up of renewable natural resources and saves immense fuel costs

    • These are easy handle and install and come with no gaps
    • They do not slouch in case studs shrink
    • They are provided with exemplary acoustic features along with fire and thermal properties
    • Multi-application fits all timber frame and typical metal spacing
    • There is no wastage of any sort because every unit constructed can be used as the perfect insulant to the best of its efficiency

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