Suspended Floor Insulation

Improve thermal performance in your floors by fitting insulation between its joists. Read Our Guide for more information

Suspended Timber Floor Insulation

The main reason for installing thermal insulation under your floors is to prevent heat loss from gaps between the floorboards.

Installing insulation under your floors is a great step towards having full control over your home's temperature. It is a quick way of transforming your home into a more comfortable atmosphere with a balance of temperature. This is done by fixing insulation between the joists beneath your floors, and this can apply for both renovation projects and new houses. Especially in colder areas, it is essential to keep your homes warm and preserve the heat within. Insulation comes in many thicknesses, to achieve the optimum results it is important that you first figure out the right thickness of insulation needed to meet your desired U-value.

Suspended Timber Floor

Why install suspended Floor insulation?
Condensation build up and damping can result in damaged floors/ rotten furniture over time. Suspended Floor Insulation allows you take control of heat transfer and prevent condensation build up. This will keep your home in tip-top condition and prevent any nasty experiences with condensation/ damping.

Suspended floor insulation is very useful in strengthening the foundation of your floors as they add support between joists meaning you should expect a sturdier floor in the long run.

The major reason for installing thermal insulation under your suspended floors is to prevent heat loss from gaps within the houses shell. You will immediately notice a more cosy and balanced room temperature once you have installed suspended floor insulation.


Timber floor Insulation

There are many ways to install them and various materials to work on. The materials that can be used for Suspended floor Insulation-

• PIR thermal Insulation board (Kingspan /Celotex). Thicknesses of 50mm and 100mm are among the most common thicknesses chosen however we here at insulation4less aim to give you the widest range of options possible.
• Mineral Wool Insulation in slab form (Rolls or batts).
• Hemp and sheep wool are great natural materials for floors.

These suspended floor insulations are a very cost effective and have great uses even with protection against sound. They work as a shield against noise, blocking it from entering your home from beneath your floors.

Things to keep in mind before Installing above the floor joists-
• The floorboards must be installed before insulating the floor.
• You must cut the installation boards according to the required size so that they can easily fit.
• You must use galvanized steel saddle clips, nails and softwood timber battens.
• Make sure that the thickness of these boards according to the joists is placed accordingly.

Things to keep in mind before installing below floor joists-
• The floorboards have to be placed over joists before you can fit the insulation boards from below.
• The insulation boards need to fit tightly over the joist so that there are no chances of air gaps.

Fireproofing – Insulation in general helps prevent fire within the home. Suspended floor insulation is no different, it is a great step towards home fire safety. The risk of short circuits within the home is a very serious issue. Short circuits can ignite a fire within your home that can spread quickly. Choosing the right type of insulation will prevent this from taking place.

A Little Bit About Suspended Timber Floors
Timber floors are ideal in areas that tend to have frequently fluctuating weather conditions. Timer is very cost effective and commonly used by builders. Timber flooring combined with high quality insulation can help reduce carbon footprint and CO2 content in the air as well. Electricity bills will immediately decrease as a result of well insulated timber flooring.

If you are looking for high quality suspended floor insulation, then Insulation4less is the best option for you. We have all kinds of insulators available and for very affordable prices. Our company has maintained its reputation in the market, providing quality services and products to its customers. Insulation4Less have a support team eager and waiting to help you with any inquiries. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

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