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What is the MF ceiling?

MF ceiling is a suspended metal frame ceiling which is suspended below the main structural ceiling using a series of wire. MF ceilings are normally referred to as false ceiling, suspended ceiling, dropped ceiling, suspended ceiling tiles or grid ceiling and is a vital part of modern architecture. The height of the ceiling can be adjusted to allow for service access in the void and to accommodate different room dimension requirements.MF Ceiling (Metal Frame plasterboard ceilings) provide both the structural strength of metal with the practicality of plasterboard. They are quick and easy to install, perfect for both new build and renovations. With MF ceilings the plasterboard is fixed to the frame.

The MF suspended ceiling system is suited for commercial & domestic applications where it is necessary for the ceiling height to vary to allow the run of services such as ducting or lighting. the MF ceiling system provides a high-performance ceiling with fire protection and sound insulation a suitable fixing from the structural soffit should be used and care should be taken to avoid overloading the MF ceiling system.

What is the purpose suspended ceiling system?

The main purpose of the suspended ceiling was to create a void space to hide the infrastructure of the building. Architects usually design a suspended ceilings system to hide wirework, ductwork, and pipes inside the space. 

What does MF mean in MF ceiling systems?

MF stands for a metal frame ceiling. A metal frame is constructed and then is fixed by a plasterboard to develop a ceiling. MF ceiling can be made moisture, fire and acoustic resistant depending on the plasterboard you are using. 

Types of plasterboards you can use in the MF ceiling system.

Plasterboard is one of the most widely used building materials. It is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate also known as gypsum and is layered with heavy-duty construction paper.

Fire-resistant Plasterboard

Fire resistance plasterboards are required to meet the standard range of fire resistance which is 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Fire-resistant plasterboards are high in density and various additives are mixed in to enhance the quality and increase the resistance.

Acoustic plasterboard

Acoustic plasterboards are thicker and have a higher density than standard plasterboards. The acoustic plasterboard is a soundproof alternative to normal plasterboards. 

Moisture resistant plasterboard 

Moisture resistant plasterboards are used in wet or high humidity areas. They are enhanced with additives like silicon and other water repellent materials. There are also foam backed plasterboards available to prevent the condensation inside the space.

Insulated plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard is faced with a multilayer foiled coating of aluminium on both sides. Insulated boards are tough and lightweight. 

Application areas for suspended ceiling system

Suspended ceilings are used to make a false ceiling, soundproof room or to make a designer metal ceiling on the places below but are not limited to the same

  • Offices

  • Health care

  • Industrial

  • Retail 

  • Restaurants

  • Cleanroom

  • Residential 

How do you install MF Plasterboard ceilings? 

Advantages of MF suspended ceiling system

  • Lightweight

  • Quick installation

  • Versatility of using fire, moisture resistant or acoustic plasterboards for better performance as per requirement

  • Easy to create bulkheads and change levels

  • Hide ductwork, pipes, and wires

  • Good method to level poor concrete and wooden floors

  • Suspension from concrete and timber floors or steel purlins

  • Simply accommodation of access panels

  • Creates a seamless surface suitable to make most decorative finishes

  • Allows easy installation of services in the void above the ceiling.

  • Suitable for fixing all types of plasterboard creating a surface suitable for decorative finishes.

  • It is a fast and clean system to erect.

  • Improved levels of thermal and acoustic insulation can be achieved.

  • Improved acoustic performance can be achieved by using Acoustic Hangers.

  • Mineral wool or fibreglass can be used to improve thermal and acoustic performance.

  • Easy to cut to size using tin snips


All items you will need for suspended ceiling kit

  • Suspension wire

  • Suspension angle 

  • Ceiling perimeter

  • Support channel 

  • Plasterboard 

  • Cross tees

  • Fixings and hangers 

  • Drill screws

*Items may vary according to the application and requirements, talk to our technical department for more information. 

How much does it cost to put in an MF suspended ceiling?

The cost of a Metal frame suspended ceiling will depend on various factors like

  • The size of the room

  • Quality of material

  • Installation charges 

  • Quality of plasterboard you are planning to use

On average the minimum you will spend on a suspended ceiling considering all the factors will be around 350£ to 700£ for 10 -15 m2 area with 20 % of wastage.



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