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Fakro Roof Windows

What do you need to know about Fakro?

Fakro is a polish roof window manufacturing company established in 1991. Over the years, the company has occupied a key position in the global industry of roof windows. The primary objective of the company is to supply top-notch quality roof window products to its customers. The company likewise takes into consideration health, safety, and eco-friendliness.

The philosophy of Fakro Company lays emphasis on the style and function of roof windows, which means you will get products that are both stylish and efficient. Whether you consider material, style, shape, and/or mechanism, you are guaranteed that all types of Fakro roof windows will offer a great amount of sunlight as well as fresh air for your home’s ventilation, without risking any heat loss.

Significance of Fakro

Fakro is one of the most successful roof windows manufacturing companies in the world. The company uses the latest cutting-edge technology to produce quality products. Currently, it holds the second position in the worldwide market with over 15% share in the roof windows market globally. In addition, Fakro has 12 manufacturing plants across the world with 3000+ employees.

Fakro operates 16 distribution companies in different countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, and more. The company has over 100 constructors with modern research and development facilities working substantially to produce patented solutions.

Range of Products

For the last two decades, the company has made sophisticated investments in the constant development of products. The range includes aluminum and wooden plastic windows, flashings, flat roof windows, automatic control roof lights, smoke ventilation, light tunnels, roof window accessories such as external awning blinds, roller shutters, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds and much more.

Variety of Designs

Unlike other companies that manufacture roof windows, Fakro has a wide range of designs, which makes it an outstanding brand all over the world with more and more customers oriented towards it.

There are eight different opening methods such as access windows, standard roof windows, smoke ventilation windows, walk-on roof lights, domed roof lights, flat glass roof lights, and conservation windows.

So, the company fulfills the demands and/or requirements of the customers whether they are looking to add natural light through a flat roof or pitched roof windows.

Eco-Friendly and Safe Products

What makes Fakro stand out among other global leaders is that the company takes into consideration the safety and security of their roof window products. Fakro is serious about designs, installation, and fitting of their products. For this, they follow the standards of “Top-Safe Security” protocols and use laminated glazing to fit all their products safely.

Fakro makes sure to produce safe means of escape windows. This is the quickest and safest solution in an emergency situation, for instance, in the case of a fire. The company works significantly to enhance the security of roof windows and provide clear-cut instructions for safety, for example, children must not be allowed to open the roof windows – Likewise, you can purchase Fakro Window Restrictor with many other security accessories.

High Energy Efficiency

Fakro is keen about energy efficiency, which means that you will struggle to find a more consistent high energy efficient products other than Fakro. So much so, flat and pitched roof windows from the company have low U-values, which keep your home warmer during the winter season.

The company manufactures high-quality quadrupled-glazed thermo roof windows that guarantee to save on your power bills. These roof windows likewise come in conservation designs and styles with 0.58 W/m²K U-value. Moreover, Quadruple glazing comes in all sorts of Fakro product offering.

Additional Offerings

Fakro is creating endless possibilities. For instance, if you own a manual roof window, you can upgrade it to an electric roof window, which comes with a single-touch feature. In addition, if you purchase the Z-Wave conversion kit, you will be able to make this transition in an affordable way.

Moreover, if you have a flat roof but want to relish the Fakro pitched roof window, then you should buy the company’s EFR flat roof gable system to enjoy the endless benefits of roof windows with a flat roof.

Fakro also offers a wide array of blinds for both flat roof and pitched roof windows. In this way, you will have an interior décor along with efficient management of incoming sunlight. The company’s blind collection also includes blackout windows, which allow you to shut out incoming light completely. Furthermore, for soundproofing, the company offers roller shutters and external awning blinds, which are available in both electric and manual options.

If you have any questions or concerns about Fakro roof windows and/or the wide range of products, style, designs, mechanisms, etc., you can contact us. Our customer support team will address all your questions through email, phone, etc. Lastly, we will help you choose the right roof windows for your house.

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