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  1. Rockwool RWA45
    £15.67 Ex VAT £18.80 Incl. VAT

    6.48m2 per pack. Sold per pack. 9no sheets per pack. Learn More
  2. RW3 Rockwool
    £21.96 Ex VAT per pack £26.35 Incl. VAT per pack

    RW3 50mm 60kg. 8 sheets per pack. Each pack covers 5.76m2. Each pallet covers 69.12m2. Learn More
  3. Ecotherm Eco-versal 50mm 2.4m x 1.2m
    £17.36 Ex VAT £20.83 Incl. VAT

    Ecotherm provides universal building solutions for insulation of walls, floors, roofs and ceilings.

    Learn More
  4. Rockwool flexi slab
    £16.82 Ex VAT per pack £20.18 Incl. VAT per pack

    50mm Rockwool Flexi-slab. 5.76m2 per pack. 12 sheets per pack. Learn More
  5. Rockwool flexi slab
    £23.50 Ex VAT £28.20 Incl. VAT

    50mm Rockwool Flexi-slab. Price per pack. 8.64m2 per pack. 12 sheets per pack. Learn More
  6. Eco UFH 50mm 2.4m x 1.2m
    Ecotherm Eco UFH insulation. 6 sheets per pack. Sold per pack only. Minimum order quantity of 300m2 applies. Learn More
  7. Eco Cavity 50mm
    £49.50 Ex VAT £59.40 Incl. VAT

    Ecocavity wall insulation boards are ideal for partial fill cavity walls.

    Learn More
  8. Rockwool Cavity

    Starting at: £19.52 Ex VAT £23.42 Incl. VAT

    The Rockwool Cavity designed for cavity walls offers the best alternative cost-effective and reliable method for insulating new cavity walls. These slabs are light weighted insulation batts that help in eliminating heat loss without letting water transmission from the outer to the inner leaf. These slabs reduce the risk of condensation and make the intermittent heating systems more effective.

    Learn More
  9. Rockwool Cavity 50mm
    £21.52 Ex VAT per pack £25.82 Incl. VAT per pack

    Rockwool Cavity 50mm. 12 sheets per pack. Each pack covers 6.55m2. Learn More

    Starting at: £67.90 Ex VAT £81.48 Incl. VAT

    Choice of 75mm Optimal Sheep Wool Insulation 6.84m2 per roll or 50mm Optimal Sheep Wool Insulation 10.26m2 per roll. The only Insulation that purifies your air.

    Learn More
  11. Rockwool Flexi-Slab

    Starting at: £16.82 Ex VAT £20.18 Incl. VAT

    The Rockwool Flexi-slab is a distinctive insulation product along with a patented flexible corner on single side. This unique corner is created through patented technology to assure an ideal fit is maintained between the main product and the framework supporting it. This further allows the integrity of the insulation.

    The Rockwool Flexi-slab is a high value slab ideal for multipurpose applications. It features a flexible edge that allows it to put between joists knowing all gaps are well-sealed. This is available in varied sizes.

    Learn More
  12. Rockwool RWA45

    Starting at: £21.96 Ex VAT £26.35 Incl. VAT

    RW3 is a flexible high quality resin bonded Rockwool insulation board that can be used for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation.

    Learn More
  13. Rockwool RWA45

    Starting at: £17.19 Ex VAT £20.63 Incl. VAT

    The RW5 are the best quality resin bonded Slabs designed for full fill cavity insulation applications and is an effective cavity wall insulation material. These slabs feature great applications in a wide range of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation requirements in buildings and industries. These slabs are ideal for many applications including thermal insulation for cavity walls.

    Learn More
  14. Rockwool RW5
    £17.34 Ex VAT per pack £20.81 Incl. VAT per pack

    RW5 50mm 100kg. 4 sheets per pack. Each pack covers 2.88m2. Each pallet covers 69.12m2. Learn More
  15. Rockwool RWA45

    Starting at: £13.81 Ex VAT £16.57 Incl. VAT

    Rockwool introduces these high-standard semi-rigid, flexible resin bonded slabs specifically for use in acoustic, thermal and fire insulation. The RWA45 slabs are ideal for multiple applications including thermal insulation for walls, floors, boiler rooms and roofs.
    Learn More
  16. Ecotherm PrO Versal 1200 x 2400mm x 50mm

    Enhanced Thermal Insulation for Pitched Roofs, Floors, Ceilings and Walls

    Price per pack. 6 sheets per pack. Learn More
  17. Ecotherm Eco Torch 1200 x 600mm x 50mm

    EcoTherm’s Eco Torch is best for improving the thermal performance of new-build as well as existing roofs.

    Learn More

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A process to keep sound, electricity and heat from spreading is known as insulation. A material specially designed to prevent the transmission of heat or sound from one space to other is known as insulation material. The ultimate purpose of insulation is to create a barrier around the building which helps in reduction of the amount of heat loss on a cold day or vice versa. All year round you can keep the desired temperature in your house by the help of insulation.

How does insulation work?

You will need to understand heat flow if you want to understand how insulation works. Heat is transmitted in three different way like convection, conduction, and radiation. Thermal insulation works by restricting the movement of heat in any form providing a much more comfortable place to live in.

The combination of these two characteristics plays a main role in the quality of insulation 

  • The natural capacity of insulation material to inhibit the transmission of heat.

  • Natural insulants which are trapped inside the pockets of insulation material. 

What is R-Value?

R-value is the measure of resistance to heat flow in a material means the level of heat transfer from warm space to colder space. A material will work more effectively when the R-value of the material is higher. R-value is calculated by dividing the thickness of the material by its thermal conductivity. Therefore, the unit of R-value is m2K/W. 

R-values are also the reciprocal of the U-values means the higher the R-value of the material the lower will be the U-value of the material.

R-value is affected by 

  • The type of insulation
  • Density of the material
  • Thickness of the material

What is U-value?

U-value is also known as thermal transmittance. U-value is used to measure the efficiency of the insulation material in the construction. The lower the U-value of the material the slower the heat will transmit through the material. 

Building regulation has set some standards in part L of the approved document which is mandatory to be achieved while carrying out building work.   

What are the types of insulation?

  • Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation prevents or reduce heat loss and reduces the amount of money and gas and electricity we use to do this. With ever-rising energy costs if the house is properly insulated it can save up to 2/3 of the energy required. 

  • Acoustic insulation

The sound that causes trouble to others is nothing but undesirable an unaccepted sound. Acoustic insulation is also known as sound insulation or soundproof insulation. The purpose of acoustic insulation is to block or decrease the intensity of soundwaves transmitting from outside the house to inside or vice versa. 

  • Fire-resistant insulation

Fire-resistant insulation material slows the spread of fire and protects the building. Fire-resistant insulation material is specially designed to resist high temperature and ensure no toxic smoke is released if it does come in contact with flames.

Fire resistance insulation materials are classified in various ratings as follows

A1- non-combustible 

A2- limited combustible 

B-F - Low- high contribution to fire.

Insulation materials can be categorized based on various factors like its composition, form, and structural contribution. 

Why ventilation is important? 

Ventilation plays a vital role when it comes to insulating a space. Ventilation helps to remove harmful substances from the air inside the building also eradicates moisture and provides fresh air inside the house. 

A poorly ventilated house can have serious health consequences like fatigue, headaches, sinus congestion, dizziness, shortness of breath, and nausea. On the other hand, it can also damage the walls and fabric of the house with condensation and mould.  

What is the importance of insulation?

  • Insulation reduces energy cost

  • Control condensation 

  • Improves thermal comfort 

  • Reduces the amount of noise

  • Increases fire-resistant of your house

  • Increases the value of the property 

  • Increases comfort 

  • Protection against fire

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