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Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan is a global company and was founded in the 1960's by Eugene Murtagh from Co.Cavan Ireland. The company back then was manufacturing wheelbarrows. Eugene seen an opportunity in the insulated composite roof panels and began the process of manufacturing the Kingspan Composite Insulated Roof Panels and Rigid Insulation. In 1989 Kingspan floated in the stock exchange for IR£20m. Kingpsan continued its drive into the UK and European and by 2010 Kingpsan seen its first growth in sales in 3 years due to the fall out of the 2008 crisis.

Kingspan have also different forms of Polyiso insulation and the most popular range would be the Kooltherm range or also known as the K range. I will highlight each of these boards applications below. Currently Kingspan are market leaders in Floor insulation such as Kingspan TF70, K103, K3, Greenguard and Optim-R. For cavitywall insulation Kingspan have a range suited to this application called TW50, K108, K8 and K12. For wall Insulation Kingspan have a full range to suit such as TW55, K12, K15, K17, K18, Greenguard and Optim-R. For roof applications on residential buildings Kingspan recommend using TP10, K7, K107 Plus, K10, K15, TR26, TR27, TR31, Greenguard and Optim-R. Also for external walls kingspan have a range called K5. This board is specifically designed for external wall applications and will allow you to render plaster over the material.

As outlined above there are many different applications whereby Kingspan have a solution. There is nowhere in a residential building whereby Kingspan Insulation cannot be used and if you can Kooltherm is the way to go.

The Kingspan Kooltherm product range offers a higher thermal resistance than your standard PIR insulation with a thermal resistance of 0.020. This product is the architects choice product of excellence when specifying what product to use in certain applications. However the down side to this is that Kooltherm product is about 30% more expensive than standard Pir with only a 10% increase in thermal resistance. So this product is not always practical to use in residential homes due to its cost. Where you see this product being used the most is in commercial buildings under construction as this product will give a better performance while not compromising on space. In commercial properties space is money so every m2 gained is money in the bank and Kingspan Kooltherm gives this option. Of course you will also see this product being used on oil rigs, hospitals, industrial buildings and many more as Kingspan Kooltherm offers a better fire resistance also than standard PIR.

What is Kingpspan Insulation?

Kingspan Insulation is one of the world's most well-known and trusted manufacturer brands of insulation board in the market today. With product ranges like Kingspan Kooltherm, Kingspan Therma range and a variety of different Kingspan insulation boards, you know that Kingspan has you covered with high quality insulation boards regardless of the application.

What is Kingspan Kooltherm used for?

Kingspan Kooltherm K-range is the most commonly used insulation today providing the option to go thinner while still achieving the Uvalues you need. With a fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic core this insulation will give you a thermal resistance from 0.018 - 0.023 W/m.K. With a variety of thicknesses available with a multitude of applications, it’s no wonder the Kingspan Kooltherm is a market leader in rigid insulation boards.

Is Kingspan good for sound insulation?

A common mistake made by so many people is to use Kingspan type insulation as a sound proof or acoustic insulation product.Unfortunately these PIR and Phenolic insulation have little to no sound or acoustic values and in fact can contribute to noise pollution if fit incorrectly.

How is Kingspan made?

The product is made from phenolic foam or PIR foam. Lets look at Phenolic foam first.

Phenolic foam is one substance that can be used as the core of an insulating panel. The Phenolic liquid is poured into forms that allow the liquid phenolic to set. When it sets the phenolic foam rigid board is then given a facer. This can be foil, glass tissue or a bitumen finish for different applications.

PIR foam is a Polyisocyanurate compound with a polyethylene core. This board goes through the same manufacturing process as the phenolic board. However its is a very different board when finished as it does not have the same thermal resistance or fire resistance values as Phenolic.

How long is Kingspan making insulation?

Kingspan is manufacturing insulation for almost 50 years. Prior to this Kingspan make roof panels and before that again the made wheelbarrows. A great history with a great success story is Kingspan. The Murtagh family are a family of entrepreneurs driving Kingspan to heights they originally never dreamed of.

With many years in the insulation business Kingspan has learned what works and what does not work in the insulation and construction industry. With premium performance products for floors, walls and roofs with the kingspan Kooltherm K-range, you can install these products with minimal thicknesses for your residential commercial or industrial project. This in turn gives you more space within your property.


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