Quinntherm insulation is used for a wide variety of applications. Insulation4less supplies the full Quinntherm range of products with full nationwide delivery available for most products.

Thermal insulation is an integral part of any housing system and contribute to a huge extend in maintaining the temperature and heat pressure within the building. A good thermal insulation is required for a comfortable living. At Insulation4less.co.uk, you will find a wide range of floor insulations for your home and other building constructions.
The Quinntherm Floor Insulation Sheets is the perfect floor insulation which helps in maintaining a proper temperature inside the building. The insulation board is equipped with PIR (polyisocyanurate) which makes it perfectly suitable for the construction of floors and ground bearing that is carried out above the concrete slab. The floor insulation sheets are firmly bonded on both faces to merge the gas filled cells and metalized facings present in the board together. This provides it with an impeccable strength and an increased thermal performance.
The Quinntherm Floor Insulation Boards are light weight, sturdy and easy to install. It does not absorb water easily which makes it suitable for installation in damp environments.
The insulation can be easily cut using a knife or a saw. Each and every part of the insulation is 100% useful and does not get wasted out. These floor insulations are durable and efficient and last as long as the lifespan of the building itself.
The best feature of the thermal floor insulation in this range is the environmental friendly quotient of the insulations. The Quinntherm Floor Insulation Sheets have a zero ODP (ozone depletion potential) which means it does not contribute towards the unbalancing of the eco system. It is perfectly energy efficient and meets the building regulation requirements well. It considerably reduces the CO² emissions and improves the overall thermal performance of the building.


  • Quinntherm QR consists of a core of PIR foam bonded on both faces to composite aluminum facings
  • The gas filled cells give Quinntherm its high thermal performance and strength.
  • Quinntherm is light, robust and easy to handle; it may be worked using a saw or knife
  • Does not readily absorb water, making it suitable for use in damp environments
  • Quinntherm is durable and will perform for the service life of the building
  • Edge profiles available: Butt edged

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